Ranco A12-701 Refrigerator Cold Control, Constant Cut-In: 41F

Constant Cut-in Refrigerator Cold Control, Cut-in 41°F, Cut-out 15°F to 31°F, Capillary Length 84".
Manufacturer: Ranco
SKU: A12-701

Constant cut-in refrigerator cold control.

Constant Cut-In: 41°F
Cut Out range: 15 to 31°F
Capillary length: 84"
Rated: 16A at 120/240VAC

The Ranco "A12" series constant cut-in controls are designed for applications requiring the defrosting of the evaporator coil during the time when the compressor is in the off cycle.  The control is used in vending machines, automatic beverage dispensers, reach-in coolers and various other medium temperature commercial equipment.

The "A12" series controls utilize a SPST snap-acting toggle switch which is temperature actuated to close