Ranco ETC-241000-000: 2 Stage, NEMA 4

Two Stage Digital Temperature Controller. -30°F to 220°F, 120/240VAC, NEMA 4X
Manufacturer: Ranco
SKU: ETC-241000-000
The Ranco ETC is a micorprocessor based temperature controller suitable for switching 120Volts at up to 16Amps for heating or cooling applications making it suitable for a wide range of applications.  This is a great universal controller for  any application where switching 120Volts or temperatures outside that of a normal home thermostat is required.  The sensor with an 8' foot cable and instructions are included with the unit. 

The Ranco ETC-241000 is identical to the Ranco ETC-211000 except that this unit is rated NEMA 4.

    • Temperature Setpoint Range:  -30° to 220°F
    • Differential range: 1° to 30°F
    • Input Voltage: 120VAC, 208, 240VAC
    • Pilot duty: 125VA at 120/208/240VAC
    • Sensor:  Thermistor, 2" long x 1/4"dia with 8' cable (included)
    • Control Ambient Temperatures
      • Operating:  -20° to 140°
      • Storage: -40° to 176°
    • Ambient humidity:  0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
    • Enclosure:  NEMA 4
    • Dimensions: 7.84" high x 2.7" wide x 2.48" deep
    • Agency Approvals: UL listed, file E94419, Guide XAPX, CSA certified, file LR68340, class 4813 02

Relay Output Ratings - NO (NC)



Full load amps

9.8 (5.8) A

4.0 (2.9 A)

Locked rotor amps

58.8 (34.8) A

29.4(17.4) A

Resistive amps

9.6 (5.8) A

4.9 (2.9) A


1/2 (1/4) HP

1/2 (1/4) HP

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