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Robertshaw 5320-175, Thermostat 140F-550F

Domestic Electric Thermostat Model: "EG" Replacement Kit. 140°F to 550°F Bake, 600°F Fixed Broil, 2" Break-off Shaft, Stem Flat "Down", 72" Capillary Tube with 3/16"x11-5/8" Copper Bulb
Manufacturer: Robertshaw
SKU: 5320-175

Domestic electric thermostat model: "EG" replacement kit.

The 5300 series commercial and domestic electric thermostats are SPST snap acting switches.  Kit controls have a 2" break off stem which is groved at all standard lengths.  The mounting brackets are slotted for various mounting dimensions (1-1/8" to 1-3/4") and easy adaptability.  Screw to spade adapters are also included together with a 4-way Slip-Fit dial. 

The 5320 series are direct acting and designed for use on gas fired equipment using an electric thermostat.  The 5320's have clockwise to off dial rotation.

140°F-550°F bake, 600°F fixed broil
2" break-off shaft, stem flat "Down"
Clockwise dial rotation to Off
72" capillary tube with 3/16" x 11-5/8" copper bulb.
Type #6 "Uni-Kit" Mtg. bracket.
Standard duty.
Rated 30 Amps at 277 VAC